Orsatech, London - Fund Raising, Investment, Seed, Series A

We can help you raise funds for your business.
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• Applications for SEIS and EIS Assurance
• Due Diligence Preparation
• Debt, Equity and Convertible Note Structuring
• Investor and VC Due Diligence
• Helping Connect Businesses to Sources of Funding

Fund Raising

When organic growth does not provide the capital required to fund development, or to capture expansion opportunities, Orsatech will help you agree your commercialisation strategy and your options to manage shareholder value and raise external finance. From preparation for due diligence, corporate structure evaluation and identification of the best forms of funding, whether that is debt, equity, convertible loan notes, ICO, grants, SEIS or EIS funding, right on to connecting the business through to sources of funding and advice on shareholder structure and agreements. We will help close the round and let the entrepreneur focus on the business rather than worry about the bank account balance.

Due Dilligence

When you buy or invest in a company you need as much detail about what you are investing in as possible. Our due diligence services investigate the attractiveness of a buy or investment, the possible future roadmap and help understand the possible pitfalls and risks. We will help you understand how to make a successful transaction.


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