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We can provide the following operations services to help you drive your business forward:
Business Design
Building Sales and Partnerships
Establishing Corporate Governance
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Investor Presentations

The investor presentation, or business pitch, presented in PowerPoint® is different from a Word® based business plan. Often businesses believe a lengthy written business plan will sell their ideas to investors and enable them seek funding but it is the investor presentation that clearly and succinctly summarises the market opportunity in terms of size and growth, the problem and the business offering, the financial projections from a financial model, the team and the competition. An investor presentation is especially required for larger investment requirements where the business is looking to raise an investment of £200k+ up to £ millions. Our pitch presentations are investor friendly, are typically fifteen to twenty well thought out and planned slides, incorporate pictures and diagrams and avoid as much as possible bullet points to create more meaning and allow a potential investor to grasp a quick picture of the business.

Investment Memorandum

Investment Memorandum, or IM, is the legal document that a company presents when the company is looking for a majority sale or merger. Aside from the legal documentation the company will prepare an analysts presentation to explain the objectives, risks and investment terms. The presentation typically included financial statements, management biographies, company details, tends and forward looking strategy. Orsatech can offer a variety of services from helping write the non-legal elements of a prospectus through to writing analyst presentations.

Business planning

Orsatech offer a variety of business planning services to entrepreneurs and businesses. We will do the heavy lifting of market research, pricing/charging analysis, cash flow analysis and building future valuation projections and help develop the foundation for the business by producing business plans, marketing plans, feasibility studies and one page executive summaries or investment teasers. We do not use business planning software to generate pages of padded words and financials that have no logic, we develop our plans from scratch to ensure that can tell the unique story in a compelling way. For smaller business, which are typically looking for help preparing a business plan to fundraise less than £200k for grant submissions, competitions, incubator or reseller applications or bank applications where a business has been running more than three years, Orsatech can produce simple short Microsoft Word® business plans with a simple set of financial statements covering three years. For larger businesses, or where the investment requirements are larger we typically produce investor presentations, supplemented occasionally by detailed Word® marketing plans and/or financial plans.

Market Research

Often market research is required to be undertaken to answer specific questions about the market size and potential, or consumer demand and appetite for products and services. Orsatech can undertake both secondary research of publicly available information and primary research involving consumer surveys and focus groups.
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